Ken’s Talks


Metabolic Arrest: Deep Space. Ken Storey and Hanane Hadj-Moussa. Conference: The Science of Suspended Animation in Deep Space. Virtual Workshop. August 7, 2020. Ken’s_Deep Space MRD Talk.

The living dead: Metabolic arrest for survival during winter hibernation. Conference: Bats – A New Model for Healthy Aging. Banbury Conference Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, March 11-14, 2018. Ken’s  Banbury Lecture.

Living dead: metabolic arrest and survival in marine environments. School of Biological Sciences, The University of Hong Kong, October 22, 2018. Ken’s Hong.Kong_Living Dead Talk.

The Living Dead: Metabolic Arrest and the Control of Biological Time. Calico Labs. 2018. Lecture_Calico Labs_California.

The Living Dead: Mitochondria and Metabolic Arrest. 2018. Lecture_Buck Institute_California.

The living dead: mitochondria and metabolic arrest. 115th International Titisee Conference “Evolutionary mitochondrial biology: molecular, biochemical, and metabolic diversity” Titisee, Germany, March 29 – April 2, 2017. Lecture_International TITISEE conference_Germany. Conference link. 

What do hibernating mammals tell us about the elastic limits of tissue function. American Society for Nutrition, Experimental Biology 2017, Chicago, IL. April 22-26, 2017. Lecture_Experimental Biology_Chicago. Conference link. 

Peter Hochachka: Roots and Branches. 2017. Lecture_Canadian Society of Zoologists_Winnipeg. Conference link.

Cold case files: molecular mechanisms of insect winter hardiness. XXV International Congress of Entomology, Orlando, FL. September 25-30, 2016. Florida Whitney Lecture Series_VIDEO

The Living Dead: Metabolic Arrest and the Control of Biological Time. 2017. University of South Florida_VIDEO: PartIPartIIPartIII

Mammals on ice: molecular secrets of winter hibernation. Wenner-Gren Symposium -Brown Adipose Tissue and Euthermia. Wenner-Gren Center, Stockholm, May 25-28, 2016. Lecture_Brown Adipose and Tissue Euthermia_Stockholm. Conference link.

Metabolic Arrest, Stasis and Regeneration. 2015. Lecture_Chicago Metabolic Arrest

Decoding the molecular machinery controlling metabolic rate depression. 9th International Congress of Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry, Kraków, Poland August 23-28, 2015. Lecture_Poland Insect Cold Hardiness

The Living Dead: Metabolic Arrest and the Control of Biological Time. 2015. Lecture_Ottawa Living Dead

Controlling biological time: Nature has the blueprint. Organ Bioengineering and Banking Roadmap Workshop, Organ Preservation Alliance and White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Eisenhower Executive Office Building, Washington, DC, May 27-28, 2015. Lecture_Washington Epigenetics.

Controlling biological time: nature has the blueprint. Controlling Biological Time for Organs on Demand – A Vision-setting Workshop. West Point Military Academy, West Point, NY, August 5-6, 2015. Lecture_West Point Primate Torpor.

The Living Dead: Metabolic Arrest and the Control of Biological Time. 2015. Lecture_West Point Stasis.

Lessons in Organ Preservation from NATURE. 2015. Lecture_California Organ preservation.

Epigenetics and the regulation of hypometabolism. Epigenetics in Comparative Physiology, JEB Symposium, Buffalo Mountain Lodge, Banff, Alberta, March 29 – April 2, 2014. Ken’s Banff Lecture.

Epigenetics, gene regulation and hypometabolism. Department of Pathology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA. June 3, 2015Ken’s University of Washington Talk.


Extreme Snails: Anoxia Tolerance in Marine Molluscs. Oct. 2013. Lecture_Extreme snails 

The Living Dead: Metabolic arrest & the control of biological time. Germany, Oct. 2013. Lecture_Living dead 

Mexico – Plenary lecture “Stress & Adaptation”: New Molecular Toolkit for the 21st Century, Nov. 2012. Lecture_Mexico plenary

Fry Award lecture, Canadian Society of Zoologists, 50th Annual meeting, Ottawa, 2011. Lecture_Fry Award

Vertebrate freeze tolerance, 2011. Presentation_Vertebrate freezing

Hibernation in mammals, 2011. Presentation_Hibernation

Marine anoxia tolerance. Presentation_Marine anoxia

Anoxia tolerance, Lutz, 2009. Presentation_Anoxia tolerance

Public lecture, Life in the Cold, 2008. Presentation_Life in the Cold

Peter W. Hochachka, collected photos from a life of science adventure: PHOTOSStorey-Hochachka publication LIST