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These animals can freeze solid in winter. Here’s how they survive. - National Geographic, Christine Peterson. November 17, 2022.

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Organ Cryopreservation: Nature’s Protocol For Freezing Organs – Science Trends, Rasha Al-attar and Kenneth B. Storey. August 2018.

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Frogs may buy time for organ transplants – News feature in the Sydeny Morning Herald from Ken’s plenary lecture at the International Congress of Human Genetics meeting in Brisbane, Australia, August 2006.

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An Icy Stare – Wood frog frozen eyes. A popular commentary in the British Journal of Opthamology  Vol. 89, pp. 1236 (2005)

New Theory Places Origin of Diabetes in an Age of Icy Hardships – Type 1 diabetes and a link to ice age cold tolerance
Full article in Medical Hypotheses; NY Times, May 2005

Frozen frog may give docs jump on human transplants – National Geographic News, March 2005

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